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On October 15th, 2014 the Board of Directors of the Druid Hills Charter Cluster (DHCC) requested withdrawal of the refiled petition via a letter submitted to members of the Dekalb County Board of Education. The full letter can be found here.

On May 1st, 2014, the Druid Hills Charter Cluster refiled its Petition with the DeKalb County Board of Education, as is allowed by the Georgia Charter Schools Act. This refiling responds directly to the items identified in the Board's letter of initial denial and includes a revised start date of July 2015. We encourage everyone to contact members of the DeKalb Board and ask them to put the refiled Petition on the May agenda and vote to approve the Druid Hills Charter Cluster.

We believe the DHCC can be an integral and successful part of the great charter system that DeKalb is striving to become!

Druid Hills Charter Cluster sends out press release following  the Dekalb County Board of Education's denial of the charter petition.

Druid Hills Charter Cluster has announced that it has submitted a response to the comments received from the Dekalb County School District on the DHCC Petition.  A full listing of the response can be found here in the folders labeled DHCC Response

The seven schools making up the Druid Hills High School Cluster are unified in working together to explore a petition for the first Charter Cluster in the state of Georgia.  The seven schools included are:

Avondale Elementary
Briar Vista Elementary
Fernbank Elementary
Laurel Ridge Elementary
McLendon Elementary
Druid Hills Middle School
Druid Hills High School

Each school has committed to maintain involvement as the process of writing a Charter Cluster is investigated, implemented and tackled.  Navigation of the petition process will consist of extensive investigation and research in evaluating the possibilities and benefits of becoming a Charter Cluster.  This web site will strive to communicate all findings, minutes, meetings, updates and flow of information throughout the entire process.  All findings and research will be made public here, in order to serve the needs and interests of our community.

Read more about what we have created in our streamlined Executive Summary document here:  English version or Spanish version

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Additionally, the below chart outlines the demographics for the enrolled student population of the Druid Hills Charter Cluster.  This information is taken from the 2010 census as collated and reported by the Emory University Center for Community Partnerships. 

Druid Hills Charter Cluster, Inc. is a Georgia non-profit corporation that will be seeking tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Druid Hills Charter Cluster is accepting donations and you may donate through PayPal by clicking the below icon.  Thank you for your consideration and generosity!

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